Amtico Cleaning Dublin

Amtico Floor Cleaning Dublin

In the past few years our company has become one of the very few floor cleaning companies that specialises in amtico floor cleaning. As amtico flooring is gaining popularity we have seen a great increase in business. We work mainly with domestic customers who demand a high quality service and finish and that is exactly what we offer. Our specialists are all fully trained, professional and efficient. Our phone-lines are manned 24/7 and we ensure that all online queries are dealt with within 5 minutes. Here some of the benefits of working with us:


Free, no obligation estimates (usually within 24 hours from the initial contact)

24/7 opening times (this service is designed for busy commercial buildings)

Fully insured

We use only amtico original products

Great customer service (any issue sorted within 24 hours)

Affordable prices


Our aim is to provide a brilliant quality service at a reasonable price. Amtico flooring is an expensive type of floor so can be slightly more costly to maintain, the sealants and all the necessary materials for cleaning and polishing amtico floors are a bit more expensive than other similar types of floors. If you properly maintain and care for your floors and you respect the recommended resealing times, your amtico floors should last a life time. From time to time we will publish articles on our “useful info” page regarding amtico floors. You will find out information about the latest cleaning products, new technologies and easy cleaning tips. So make sure you keep a eye on us.

Only few years back an American company invented a new buffing pad with hog hair. This type of floor pad gets magic results and in many cases re-sealing the floors is not even required. This type of pad is so fine and at high speed melts the existing polish and re-models the damaged areas. This system only works if the sealant did not wear off yet.

Dublin Amtico Floor Cleaning will open an online store that will sell amtico cleaning products. We do not want our customers to use the wrong cleaning products to clean their floors. We will provide discounted prices for our repeat customers.


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