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Things you should know if you have amtico floors.

What are amtico floors?

Amtico floors are plastic based floors that imitate all types of floors. You can have amtico floors that imitate laminate, solid wood, parquet, marble, tiles, ceramic, porcelain etc. In fact, there are many people that do not even know that they have amtico floors installed. We were called many times to price “laminate floor cleaning”, only to discover that it is in fact amtico flooring. Some people have even hired floor sanding equipment thinking that their floor is solid wood.

The most worrying thing about amtico floors is how little information on maintaining and polishing is provided to people that buy this type of floor. Many people are using sealants to clear their floors and they build up up to 10 mm of polish on the floor. Amtico floors need to be buffed a few times per year to maintain the shiny look and stripped and resealed as needed (depending on usage).  Applying coats of polish over the existing polish will make your floors look cheap and fake.

What can damage amtico floors?

Amtio floors are plastic floors and a biggest cause of damage is heat. If you are a smoker try to avoid smoking around your floors. Steam is also very damaging to amtico sealant. White stains will appear in the areas where the steam was in contact with the floor. The good thing is that steam can only damage the polish/sealant and not the floor itself.

High PH  cleaning products – over 8. Bleach will also make your floor sealant all white.


Can I seal my amtico floors?

If you have : wet hoover, low speed buffer, high speed buffer, black, blue & red pads, mops, buckets, industrial fans, polish applicator, small & medium size brushes for corners, rags, stripper, primer, polish and the knowledge how to use those tools. Applying the sealant with the wrong applicator will mark the floor and your floor will be full of streaks. We would recommend that you use a professional company.


What type of polish/sealant should be used?

There are a few types of amtico polishes available on the market. Like anything else if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. A good sealant will cost 40€ per 5 litres. A bad sealant will cost about 20€ per 5 litres. More expensive sealants will last longer, will look nicer and will wear off more evenly. There is a specific sealant from Amtico that was specifically designed for amtico. It looks nice and cosy and it is not cheap. Most of the plastic floor sealants can be used in all types of plastic floors like vinyl, marmoleum , altro, amtico etc. But there are specific sealants for specific types of floors which can only be used on that type of floor. Carefree brand sealants are universal sealants and are very good for all the plastic floors. Evans brand polishes are very good also. There are many suppliers on the market but if you want to get a good sealant you should look for satin and in/around 40€ per 5 litres. Floor strippers are also very important. Some sealants cannot be removed with some types of strippers. Depending on what type of maintenance product was used sometime even the best strippers cannot remove cheap polishes. Some strippers can burn amtico floors if left on the floors for too long. Timing is very important.

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